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Wednesday July, 17
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1965 427 Cobra Reproduction Project Details

Meet and see the Bennett Coachworks team in action
The range of our abilities takes on a clarity when viewed in the context of the work completed and the awards our work has garnered. Always striving for an excellent product, the world finds us worthy time and again.
This is what we have done lately . . .
Project Objective: Build a Cobra that is what it appears to be.
Project Summary: We take to task a kit in dire need and transform it into an automobile of impeccable character with astounding looks and performance. This is the 40th Cobra to be produced by Bob Bennett and Bennett Coachworks since 1978.
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Many of the Cobra kits that have been sold will never be built, many will not be built by the original owner. They have purchased kits that have been poorly engineered, poorly manufactured, sent without critical parts, etc. As with many things that are popular, price wars between many competitors for a market share will spawn producers of products of dubious quality with support structures made up of characters of dubious distinction. The owner of this kit had been promised many things by many people. Starting with the manufacturer that went Chapter 7 owing him all his small parts (Manufacturer reopened next day with new name and no back debts), to two different assemblers that ripped him off royally. This is how we received the project. A pile of poorly engineered parts and ultra cheap bits and pieces. The owner persevered and now owns one of the nicest Cobra reproductions on the planet! No Brag, just Fact!
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