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Wednesday July, 17
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Meet and see the Bennett Coachworks team in action
The range of our abilities takes on a clarity when viewed in the context of the work completed and the awards our work has garnered. Always striving for an excellent product, the world finds us worthy time and again.
This is what we have done lately . . .
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1958 Vette
Objective: Update, make safe, eliminate the tacky, sort it out
Summary: A spray bomb restoration done by one of the Countries "leading" Corvette retailers. It is amazing what some folks call a "Restoration".... read more
1971 Iso Grifo Mk II
Objective: Exotic Restoration / Final Pictures
Summary: Special award at Meadowbrook right out of the box, class win at the Millennium show in Pa., Invite and 2nd in class at Pebble (195pts. of 200 possible), winners parade at Hilton Head, other misc. awards and ribbons - pretty good first year!... read more
BMW 2002 Turbo
Objective: Restore the tub for Pebble Beach level concours events
Summary: Continuing our decade’s long relationship with one of the Premier BMW restoration shops on the planet in Lake Bluff, Illinois. We were once again called in to do the best on the best for the best. The car's first show was the 2005 Oktoberfest, the BMW Car... read more
LS1 Chevelle
Objective: Take a primo SS454 Chevelle Convertible and make it better.
Summary: LS1, Tremec 6 speed, Chassis upgrades, Late model power seats, Electric everything, Boss tunes, Black leather everything, Custom console, Vintage heat and air, you name it - it's in there.... read more
1946 Chevy Pickup
Objective: Hot Rod Pickup
Summary: In the two years this truck has been completed it has trophied 23 times in 23 shows, never below 2nd. It has several "Best of Shows" as well. Not bad for a vehicle that never gets trailered and gets flogged on a regular basis. Looks good, runs good, sound... read more
1965 427 Cobra Reproduction
Objective: Build a Cobra that is what it appears to be.
Summary: We take to task a kit in dire need and transform it into an automobile of impeccable character with astounding looks and performance. This is the 40th Cobra to be produced by Bob Bennett and Bennett Coachworks since 1978.... read more
Objective: Build a tow car worthy of hauling TORO I.
Summary: Take a tired but solid hauler and turn it into a cruiser in it's own right. Give it enough power and panache to hold it's own.... read more
1948 English Ford Anglia
Objective: Radical Sedan
Summary: Considered by many to be the pinnacle of hot rod starting points, here is a '48 Anglia that will take a back seat to none. Owned by noted hydro-plane racer Erv Julien, this ultimate sled is everything that great hot rods are about – a great old car with a... read more
White Lightning 6 Speed
Objective: Go where no shop has gone before, or since!
Summary: Ford can't do it, SVT can't do it, Rousch Racing can't do it - We did it!! The worlds only 6-speed Lightning. Lowered and loud as well. Boy . . .it is TOO COOL! We won't tell you how we did it, but we will give you some clues - take a look, a close look!... read more
1935 Chevy Pickup
Objective: Nice Cruising Hot Rod
Summary: This truck is going to be a great cruiser. After a new chassis, it is going to be updated in virtually every way. 390 horse small block Chevy, street/strip 350 TH, A/C, Deluxe Tunes and all the amenities. Sure to be enjoyed for generations to come!... read more
Excalibur Cobra
Objective: Take one of Bob's Cobras and take it where no Excalibur has gone before.
Summary: Suffering from abuse, poor build quality, and constraints set forth by production based requirements . . . We start over with the design goal of taking it to the limits. Comfort, speed, sound, looks. It's all here.... read more
Ferrari 456 GTA
Objective: Q.What's a Ferrari if it's not red A. Boring!
Summary: Take a really nice touring class Ferrari and fix some damage from grounding the belly pan and make it distinguishable from a Ford Taurus.... read more
Audi RS6 Hotrod
Objective: Take an unassuming looking German High Performance Touring car and take it to the next level in performance and esthetics.
Summary: Install all the Joe Hoppen engine mods upping the horsepower to 518, cook the computer, eliminate the speed limiter ( how does 192mph sound?), paint it the brightest red we can find and see what happens. YeeHaa!! Four wheels pulling - BRUTAL!... read more
1949 Mercury Street Restoration
Objective: Take a pretty solid old boy and erase about 50 years.
Summary: Take a very complete, fairly solid (for 1949), older rework and make it fresh. This is not Pebble Beach bound, but it sure would look good at a soda stand near you.... read more
1956 Ferrari Type 410 Superfast
Objective: Concours Restoration
Summary: The one of a kind star of the 1956 Paris Auto Show, the 410 Superfast I is a truly unique automobile. The only Ferrari GT ever built with a Gran Prix drive train, it really is Superfast. Shown in a series of pictures from a book published right afte... read more
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