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Wednesday July, 17
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BMW 2002 Turbo Project Details

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The range of our abilities takes on a clarity when viewed in the context of the work completed and the awards our work has garnered. Always striving for an excellent product, the world finds us worthy time and again.
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Project Objective: Restore the tub for Pebble Beach level concours events
Project Summary: Continuing our decade’s long relationship with one of the Premier BMW restoration shops on the planet in Lake Bluff, Illinois. We were once again called in to do the best on the best for the best. The car's first show was the 2005 Oktoberfest, the BMW Car Club's Annual National Meet. Held this year in Greensboro, NC. The result netted Gold and Platinum first show out of the box. 1st in Concours-Original, and the Prestigious BMW of North America Award for Best of Show.
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When one of the best BMW restoration shops wants top shelf work they bring it to us. This is one of the BMW Motor sports 2002 Turbo's. Exceedingly rare. Owned by a collector from out west. They want it done to "Pebble Beach" level. Not a problem!
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