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Wednesday June, 19
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Meet and see the Bennett Coachworks team in action
Bob and his crew have been at this 30+ years. Quality, excellence and a passion for the work have been hallmarks of that effort from day one. This is what we have done . . .
Project Objective: History
Project Summary: Datsuns represent one of the Icons in the "Sports Car" world. We race several, we care and maintain many more. We have a soft spot for these Rice Burning Rockets. Here is a small sampling of the cars we have had a chance to build, race and maintain.
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Bob and Buddies at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan. We set the B Race Class record, again. 4th fastest of entire field (90+ cars)in the rain. Pushing the Black Beast because they will not allow you to run race engines before 8:00am. Car is currently running a 289horse L24 block, stock stroke, Rebello Racing built SCREAMER!! 3 Twin Choke Mikuni/Solex side drafts. Stock ports in a E31 head flow a little under 100cfm. This E31 head flows 200cfm. With a cam and forged 12:1 flat tops. All pull from 6200 to 7800 rpm. You can't do that in a stroker!
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